Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcome to my apartment!

This is Mount Kenya!

This is how I get around

This is people picking tea. It's actually quite peaceful, no motors just quiet...

Tea plantations and farms

Tea pick up site. Folks have a spot for their tea and at the end of each day a truck comes to weigh the tea and take it to the factory to be processed.

A three horned chameleon. It was just swaying across the grass and really made me think of a triceratops. Maybe the dinosaurs are still among us. :)

Me... and a couple of friends.


  1. Wow,'s so beautiful where you are! I'm a tea-aholic, so I'm green with envy. Be safe!

  2. Hi, Gretchen. The pictures are amazing. You know how I like my tea! Also those goats look like they are happy. Sounds like you are working hard and learning lots.

  3. Hi Gretchen! I love this blog and the photos. Can I put them on our Village Hopecore blog? Send me your e-mail address( I look forward to talking with you at our board meeting on March 8.