Monday, June 14, 2010


First of all thanks to my Mum and Pops for coming to visit and taking me on a Safari and the Walter and Marsha for adding to the fun!
Some of the feelings I experienced in the past couple of weeks while out in the parks and reserves here in Kenya are indescribable. I think I was most affected by the fact that most of the people enjoying similar experiences were not Kenyans. I hope to make enough money one day to come back and take a couple of my friends in Chogoria for a Safari.
We saw so many animals and I am still awed by the graceful giants. Elephants are so big and yet so peaceful. They travel several kilometers each day to get to water and then to higher, dryer ground at night all the while eating grass in harmony with so many other animals. Giraffes are like strange fixtures off in the distance sometimes standing in the same position for several hours fooling the observer that they are trees. The gazelles and zebra pepper the grasses and once in a while we even spooked up an adorable warthog running frantically with it’s tail in the air like a flag. The dik diks so small and delicate, it’s amazing they can survive among so many large predators. The lions, I have to say were pretty boring, just lying around paying no mind to anyone. I guess it’s good to be the king. ;) Whoever said hyenas are ugly never set their eyes on the adorable cubs we came across one afternoon. If I didn’t know any better I would have scooped one up to take home. We were lucky to see a cheetah and rhinos both seemingly less social and both amazing to see. The hippos were the most verbal and when we ventured out onto Lake Naivasha in a boat, they just observed us from under the water with only their eyes and noses peeking out. Of course there were monkeys and baboons who have been known to take food from a muzungu but ran at the sight of any Kenyan. It was a spectacular two weeks but the experience tempted my palette without fully sating it. I half joked and was half serious about coming back to volunteer for the park service for a year. I’d love to see the animals and countryside as they change with the seasons. Hmmmm…

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