Sunday, March 14, 2010

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him what your plans are.”

Nothing describes this better than my past week here. Starting last Sunday morning as I awoke to what seemed like a giant bucket being dumped down on us, knocking out the electricity for three days and preventing me from having a decent conversation with my dear nieces and nephew. The rains ebbed and came back with full force over the next thee days making roads impassable for vehicles and pedestrians alike. The mud became a sticky, slippery mess unpleasant and somewhat perilous to trudge through. My team found it difficult to come into the office on these days and in turn we had difficulty going out to meet my quota of 25 home health visits per week. As the weather improved the vehicle broke and poor cell phone service to intended visit prevented us from reaching the goal. In short, it was a frustrating week.

The rains came early this year and as 100% of the people we are working with are farmers, they are scrambling to harvest their corn and till their fields to plant anew. We are all dealing with unforeseen events, obstacles, and challenges. I am learning to roll with the punches even more and taking every experience as a lesson. I see the determination on the faces of the people here and know they will do what they can. It’s so easy to assume that when life has dealt you a bad hand the best thing to do is give up and fold. If you’re playing poker, you probably should. But life is not so linear and I believe even those who have the least can achieve the most, if they believe in themself.

The other day I remember seeing a man driving a very nice new truck, he looked like some kind of government official. He looked as though someone stuffed a very sour lemon in his mouth and looked annoyed that anyone else existed in the world. Meanwhile visiting the very poor home of a young mother I saw joy in her eyes and the outpouring of gifts in appreciation for the visit of someone to her home. I tell myself to remember to see the sun when it shines and love the rain when it falls. When you have a little extra rejoice by sharing it with others. When plans don’t work out, then laugh and start again.

I was accepted into Harvard this last week for a masters program in Mental Health Counseling. I didn't believe this could happen after a summer and fall of rejection letters. Now I'll make the best of it and try not to make too many plans and just see what happens.

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  1. Hongera on Harvard! BTW, you never said how the rabbit turned out. Did you have to skin and butcher it yourself?